Wednesday, January 20, 2010

LIC New bima gold - excellent money back policy - Overview

In 2002 LIC announced New Bima Gold, the enhanced version of Bima Gold as a close ended plan. Now this plan is opened once again. The major advantages of this policy are

It is a money back policy.

Low premium high risk cover.

Unique extra life cover.

The only policy with the features of both extra life cover and money back.

Matuity Benefits of New Bima Gold:
New bima gold is a money back policy. The policy benefits will be returned in regular intervals. Amount will be returned to the policy holder every four years during the policy payment term. At the end of the policy payment term the total premiums paid less the money returned during the policy payment term plus the loyalty addition will be given to the policy holder. The extra premiums paid towards the rider premiums will nt be taken into account.

With new bima gold you are getting more than what you actially pay.
Check out future posts for more details

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  1. If i take a 5lakh plan the yearly premium if Iam giving u around 18000 in p.a. basis for 20year what will be the money Iam getting back on the policy maturity date . please reply me as soon as possible .

  2. I have a New Bima Gold (T.NO. 179)policy. The Sum Assured is 3 lakhs for a term of 20 years and the premium I pay is Rs.2685. How much amount will I get after on the policy maturity date?

  3. please tell me a cuitable insurance for me my details as follows
    Name: Divya sathish kumar
    salary :10000/-
    children :one

  4. Dear Sir,
    I have New Bima Gold Lic Policy for sum assured 10 Lac for 20 year plan, I have paid 4th premium in december 2011, I want to know that after what time 1 Lac rupee will get back in my account????
    Please acknowledge me regarding this point.

  5. sundaram u shud get 3.24 lacs assuming 40 rs. loyality bonus....

  6. LIC is a money eater , it will eat your all money and will give you very little , I am a victim . Pls dnt go for it . Lots of hidden charges will be imposed if u want to surrender it . whatever tax will be saved will be eaten by LIC for sure .

  7. Hi
    how to cancel new bima gold policy 16 years (T.G. No.179) from lic. yearly i am paying Rs. 27326.00. last 2 years i paid. how much amount i will get from LIC. kindly do the needful. from Mohan.